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CrackingItaly VIP Membership

If you want to buy VIP membership, you can find all details below.


VIP Membership donation options:

  • Donate €8.5 : 1 Month VIP Membership
  • Donate €16: 2 Months VIP Membership
  • Donate €24 : 3 Months VIP Membershis
  • Donate €48 : 6 Months VIP Membership
  • Donate €96 : 12 Months VIP Membership
  • Donate €150: Lifetime VIP Membership

Following are the features you'll get when you donate:

VIP  Features:

  • VIP members will access VIP Area.
  • Private Message Inbox space Increased: you get an increased inbox space of unlimited messages as compared to 50 message space given to normal users.
  • VIP members can find more gold and private sqli combolists!
  • A gold name with diamond!

VIP Area:


Screenshot at mag 27 12-39-54.png

Screenshot at mag 27 12-40-35.png

Screenshot at mag 27 12-41-10.png

Screenshot at mag 27 12-41-43.png

We accept payments from:

PS: To make payment contact ME or @Kurosaki Ichigo if you have the requirements written above!

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kurosaki ichigo

updated with proofs on section!

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